Run-off election: Spanish Language At-Large candidates share their goals for the HCDFW

All members in good standing with the Hispanic Communicators will be able to vote in a run-off election on Wednesday, October 16.  The election is for the Spanish Language At-Large position.

The race is between Mary Kay’s Corporate Communications Manager, Pio Del Castillo and Telemundo 39 anchor, Norma Garcia. On Wednesday, a ballot will be mailed to each members by email.  Members will vote via electronic process. The run-off election ends at 6pm on the 16th.

Who will be the best candidate for the position?

To help members make their decision, we asked Pio and Norma to give us their three goals for the organization.  Good luck to both candidates.

Pio Del Castillo
Pio Del Castillo

Pio Del Castillo’s goals:

1. Actively seek opportunities to engage new members and sponsors to be part of our organization

2. Energize the Hispanic Communicators to appeal to new audiences, specially professionals working for Spanish-language outlets. Appeal to PR professionals in the Metroplex to join the organization.

3. Collaborate with the board to make the next galas fun for the guests, but ultimately a fundraiser success.


Norma Garcia
Norma Garcia

Norma Garcia’s goals: 

1. To serve as liaison between Hispanic Communicators and Spanish-speaking journalists in the Metroplex not only to increase membership among Spanish speakers, but to create a strong platform for career growth.

2. To promote mentorship of Spanish-speaking students interested in journalist, broadcasting and communication related fields.

3. To aid in the development of workshops and training sessions in Spanish based on first-hand knowledge of current demands of the industry.


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