Meeting Minutes: March 21, 2018


Meeting Agenda

Hispanic Communicators DFW

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe

3906 Lemmon Ave, Suite 110, Dallas, Texas 75219

Present: Jimena Fraga, Brenda Lepenski, Silvana Pagluica, Jose Antonio Herrera and Elvia Limón

  • New logins


      1. New members need to be given Drop box log in, old members need to be taken out drop box.
        1. We need to contact Karina so she can add us to the drop box.
          1. She is in Mexico this week, wait until March 26
      2. Discuss changing logins for other social media accounts
        1. All passwords will be changed


  • Social media


      1. Members need to be made admins of FB group
        1. All members are welcome to post on the Hispanic Communicators Facebook group, but only board members will have admin access to the group.
          1. Julian, Karina and Rebecca were removed as admins and moderators from the group.
      2. Facebook Page
        1. Discuss if we can eliminate/ what we need to do with it moving forward
          1. Ask Karina who created the page
            1. Meanwhile, we can invite people to the group
      3. Discuss who will be in charge of social media
        1. Elvia sent a PDF of all of the passwords to all members
        2. Jose Antonio  said he would be in charge Twitter and Brenda said she would help with Instagram


  • Storage unit


      1. Has anyone gotten the keys from Lourdes?
        1. Brenda got the keys from Lourdes
          1. She gave the keys to Elvia.
            1. Elvia will keep the keys. Anyone can take them, but must be returned to Elvia after every use.
      2. Brenda, Silvana and Elvia will take inventory of the items in the storage unit
        1. Saturday morning at 10 a.m.
          1. 503 S. Haskell Ave., Dallas, TX 75223
    1. Introducing new board to NAHJ
      1. Jimena emailed Brandon. Said we can contact him anytime.


  • Discuss newsletter


        1. The monthly newsletter will be sent by Jimena.
          1. She will send us a sample of the newsletter with an introduction to all of us, happy hour info and survey link.
        2. Jose Antonio said he would create a stock photo bank for Jimena to use for the newsletters.
        3. Brenda agreed to keep in touch with high school scholarship recipients so they know we have not forgotten about them.


  • Survey


      1. Jose Antonio created a draft of the survey
        1. We have edited questions 2, 4 (take “bilingual” option out) 6 (define where respondents work) and open response to say “What do you expect from the Hispanic Communicators?”
        2. We took out questions 8 and 9


  • Upcoming workshops/ happy hours


      1. Silvana shared ideas for this year’s workshops
        1. Silvana sent her ideas to all board members via email
          1. First idea: Social media workshop
            1. Location can be Dallas morning News
              1. Have three people that can give training
                1. Separate it by platform
                  1. Facebook
                  2. Twitter
                  3. Instagram
                2. The training would be 1 ½ hours
                3. Can be on Saturday morning
                4. Silvana said she needs to talk to people first, but things these would be the speakers:
                  1. Lorena Flores, Instagram
                  2. Mark Francescutti. Twitter
                  3. Holly Ford, NBC5 Facebook
                    1. Jose Antonio said he wasn’t sure if Holly Ford would be able to participate. 
          2. Second idea: How to create an attractive radio show
            1. She said she knows who could be guest speakers
              1. The training would teach participants
                1. How to be a good host
                2. How to create the right content
                3. How to write a script
                4. Technical, audio producer advice
          3. Third idea: Photography training
          4. Fourth idea: How to take and make quality videos with your smartphone
      2. Discuss possible dates and times for workshops and happy hours
        1. Dates can be either May 19 or May 26 depending on what venues say
          1. We can do the workshops May 19 or 26 depending on when the happy hour takes place
        2. Trainings
          1. We would charge for our trainings
            1. Members would pay $10, non members can pay $20
            2. Student members would pay $5, student non members would pay $10
          2. We can use The Dallas Morning News’ auditorium for trainings so we can charge
          3. We can sign up members on the spot & offer them the member discount price for our trainings
          4. We should not make trainings longer than 2 hours
        3. Happy Hour
          1. Location for Happy Hour should be in Downtown or Uptown Dallas
          2. Should be on a Wednesday from 6-9 p.m.
          3. We can talk about our first workshop at the Happy Hour and invite participants
          4. Each board members should invite 5 people to the Happy Hour
          5. Venues
            1. Silvana will ask Corrientes 348
            2. Rouxs (not clear who will ask)
            3. Jose Antonio will ask Meso Maya
            4. Elvia will ask Harwood Tavern
            5. Jose Antonio will ask Latino Cultural Center
          6. We can get wine and popcorn for the Happy Hour


  • Next Meeting


    1. Next meeting will take place on April 11 @ 6:30 p.m. at The Dallas Morning News so we can see the auditorium where we can do trainings.


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