Meeting Minutes: April 11, 2018

Meeting Agenda

Hispanic Communicators DFW

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

The Dallas Morning News

1954 Commerce St., Dallas, Texas 75201

Present: Jimena Fraga, Brenda Lepenski, Jose Antonio Herrera and Elvia Limón


  • Trainings


      1. Discuss what we need to prep for our first training session
        1. Silvana has the three panelist ready.
          1. Lorena Flores from Al Dia will discuss Instagram, Jose Rodriguez from Sports Day will have Twitter session, Holley Ford from NBC5 will cover Facebook
          2. It will be on May 19, 10 a.m. at The Dallas Morning News
          3. Silvana and Elvia will ask about the tables, chairs for the training session
          4. Should we charge $30 for non members?
            1. Maybe not charge for the first training?
              1. Will vote for charging
          5. Brenda has a checklist and a list of items from previous years for trainings
              1. Keep track of the trainings about what they
          6. Contact Karina about Dropbox logins
            1. Elvia texted Karina for access at 6:50 p.m.
          7. Promotion
            1. Reach out to schools
            2. Reach out to community members
            3. Bios
              1. Silvana can ask them to give bios
            4. Website slider
              1. Jose will fix it, but we need to ask Karina
            5. Eventbrite
              1. Brenda
          8. Event items
            1. Power point
              1. Jose will make power point
            2. Printed name tags
              1. We can print name tags
            3. Most items would be from storage
          9. Tablets?
            1. Karina may have one
          10. Extension cord
            1. Jose was them
          11. Banner
            1. Storage
          12. Table cloth
            1. Jose will bring some
            2. We have some in storage
          13. Water
            1. Have some storage
          14. Signage
            1. Elvia will make
          15. Food
            1. Jimena will ask for food donations
            2. Lourdes knew how to –Elvia will reach out
          16. Volunteers
            1. Students from UNT and UTA
              1. Elvia and Jimena will ask
            2. All members said they are going to training


  • Mixer


      1. Update on what everyone able to find out about deals/ specials on venues?
        1. Maybe we can get a karaoke machine?
        2. Latino Cultural Center
          1. Everything is booked for April and May
        3. Meso Maya
          1. Jose talked to Carol Chavez
            1. She can give me half of the room upstairs with the bar
              1. $1,200
            2. Meet up instead of a Mixer
              1. Nylo
                1. Jimena
              2. The Rustic
                1. Brenda will ask
              3. Lee Harveys
                1. Elvia
        4. Will be on Wednesday, May 9
        5. Will have this down by Wednesday,


  • Introduce new board to NAHJ & members


      1. Discuss newsletter
        1. Jimena has talked to Brandon and he said that will be available any time
        2. Jimena will continue to work on it.


  • Discuss survey


      1. Discuss what’s next
        1. Send out survey via email and then have people take it at the training
        2. Put it on social media to have people give feedback.
        3. We will send out with the newsletter
          1. Jimena can do a video and embed it in the newsletter
            1. Talk about upcoming events


  • Scholarships


      1. Discuss what we need to do & Magda’s comments
        1. Magda told Brenda that we need to start organizing scholarship banquet now
          1. Brenda suggests dedicating at least 20 mins each meeting for the baquet
            1. Start with the rules, what we ask from students
            2. Sponsorships
            3. Magda said if she did it, she would have full control
              1. Bring Magda to a meeting to give us advice
                1. We can create a special meeting
            4. How many students have graduated, how much money have we given out


  • Discuss updates since last meeting


      1. Storage has been cleaned
        1. Elvia will compile list of inventory
      2. Any other updates


  • Other


    1. Discuss any additional comments and/or concerns
      1. Discuss an 8-hour retreat idea for next meeting
      2. Talk to Magda about meeting
        1. Brenda will talk to her after the meeting
    2. Set up time and date for next meeting
      1. Next Wednesday to check in virtually
        1. Elvia will let everyone know how we will meet virtually

Meeting ended at 8:34 p.m.

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