Meeting Minutes: March 12, 2018

Meeting Agenda

Hispanic Communicators DFW

Monday, March 21, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

The Dallas Morning News

1954 Commerce St., Dallas, Texas, 75201

Present: Jimena Fraga, Brenda Lepenski, Silvana Pagluica, Elvia Limón, Miguelangel Piñero, Lorena Flores

This is a transitioning meeting between former board members and current board members.


  • Passwords


      1. Miguelangel said Karina could help us set up the Hispanic Communicator DFW email passwords because she’s more familiar with the process.
      2. New members should change social media passwords
        1. Ask Karina any password questions
      3. Dropbox
        1. Take away drop box access from former board members and give access to new board members


  • Tablets


      1. Talk to Magda about the tablets we still have to give to 2016 scholarship recipients
        1. The tablets are still a pending issue and Magda said via text she did not know what happened to the other two tablets we are suppose to have.
        2. The scholarship recipients do not know they were suppose to receive tablets.


  • Bank account/ Money/ Scholarships


      1. Scholarship money still pending from Univision
        1. Miguelangel said he was looking into the issue
          1. Jimena said she would contact Univision staff and look into the issue, too.
      2. Bank account
        1. Elvia and Lourdes need to make time to go to the bank and change the account’s name.
          1. When doing that make sure the monthly payments for the storage unit are still going through.
      3. There are still two scholarships that have not been given out.
        1. Need to contact the students and ask where they plan to go so Elvia can send the checks to the universities.
      4. Talk to Magda when companies can give money for scholarships
        1. We have to get together and write letters
        2. Have to send it by snail mail


  • Storage unit


      1. Lourdes has a key
        1. Someone has to get the key from Lourdes
      2. The storage unit has old Red Bulls, documents, candles, stuff from Mary Kay
      3. We need to take inventory of things in our storage unit
      4. Should we move storage units to a location closer to downtown Dallas?


  • Membership


      1. We get a portion of the NAHJ membership
        1. Unclear how much that is
          1. Ask Brandon to know how much we get from each membership
        2. We have to make sure new members state they are with Hispanic Communicators DFW when they sign up with NAHJ so we can get that money back
        3. We see how many members signed up at the end of each month


  • Social media


      1. Jose Antonio will be in charge?
      2. Facebook
        1. Lorena has left Brenda as the only admin in charge from our current group
          1. Lourdes, Lorena, Olmar no longer admins on the group


  • Newsletter


      1. Jimena needs to use Mailchimp to create a monthly newsletter.


  • Mixers going forward


      1. Former board members said mixers were too costly with not enough reward
      2. Maybe talk to other orgs to see if they will pay for mixer
          1. This can help us split up the effort/ workload/ costs
          2. Talk to PRSSA
          3. Talk to SPJ
          4. Facebook workshops
          5. Google Labs
          6. Ask for these online
          7. Lydia
            1. They can also offer workshops.
            2. Some are online
      3. Find sponsors for workshops or mixers food/ drink


  • Taxes


      1. Karina should know about the taxes
        1. Woman use to do it, but she died
      2. Brenda has a binder from past years
        1. Will bring to next meeting
      3. Brenda said we can use a 990 form or post card to do an update on our taxes, according


  • Other


    1. Lorena suggested having Alfredo Carbajal do a leadership training with current board members
      1. We will let Lorena know once we determine when we can meet with him.
    2. Gary Pena has mentioned to some board members that he wants to join our upcoming meetings.
      1. He wants to talk about the types of events we can plan
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