Meeting Minutes: March 7, 2018

Meeting Agenda

Hispanic Communicators DFW

Monday, March 7, 2018 at 6 p.m.


4020, 2604 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, Texas 75219

Present: Jimena Fraga, Brenda Lepenski, Silvana Pagluica, Jose Antonio Herrera and Elvia Limón

  • Meeting dates
      1. Many of the board members said they can meet in the afternoon.
      2. Brenda informed the members that they must meet once a month.
  • Workshops/Training
      1. Brenda told board members the former board tried to have at least one workshop/training once a month
        1. Silvana said it may be too much and suggested having four or five good workshops a year.
        2. Board suggested making non-members pay for the workshops
          1. Payment could possibly be $15 or $20
          2. The workshops would be free for NAHJ/ Hispanic Communicator members.
        3. Board members suggested looking at past workshop/training panelist and reaching out to them for future events.
          1. Board members said this would be the easiest thing to do until we are able to find panelist of our own.
  • Membership
      1. Some members say it’s important to increase membership
      2. But what are we going to offer current and potential new members?
        1. Workshops
        2. Training
        3. Mentoring
          1. Members suggested reaching out to university NAHJ chapters and possibly reaching out to high schoolers.
        4. Newsletters
          1. Silvana suggested making the newsletter more exciting, said current newsletter is boring and generic.
            1. Some members said they don’t receive the newsletter
      3. Conduct a survey with members and potential/past members
        1. We can ask people why they haven’t renewed, what they expect from the organization & give them an opportunity for feedback.
        2. Jose Antonio said he will send out the survey
        3. We can reach out to students so they can take the survey, too.
      4. We need to update our email list
      5. Board members discussed opening the Hisp. Communicators membership to anyone, even if they are not in the communications field
        1. Some members also briefly discussed reaching out to other journalism/communications organizations and possibly collaborating.
          1. Also expanding it to more than just Latinos
  • Venues
      1. Ana G. Mendez is available for free for our venues
        1. They do not change us for the location unless we charge for whatever event we put on there.
          1. It is about $200 an hour if we were to pay
        2. Silvana suggested it could be a good location because it’s more centrally located because it’s off I-35
        3. The name of the school is also more recognizable and familiar because it’s in Spanish.
      2. The Dallas Morning News
        1. Silvana said the News’ building is available. It has an auditorium and several conference rooms we can use.
        2. The downside is that visitor parking is not available and people would have to pay to park.
          1. The DMN building is also not in a central location for people who do not live in Dallas or near Dallas.
  • Donations/Sponsorships
      1. Jose Antonio said he could help out trying to find donations & sponsorships
        1. He will first talk to Magda about trying to find money for the organization.
  • Social Media
      1. Facebook Page v. Facebook Group?
        1. Brenda mentioned things on the Facebook Page sometimes get not very many likes.
        2. Some board members asked if it was necessary to have both a page and a group.
        3. We will need someone who can manage the organization’s social media. That person has not yet been assigned.
      2. Passwords
        1. Brenda said board members can get passwords through the organization’s dropbox.
          1. The dropbox also contains a list of members, past grant/sponsorship letters.
  • What’s next?
    1. The new board members will meet with the former board members on Monday, March 12 at 6 p.m. at The Dallas Morning News building, 1954 Commerce St., Dallas, Texas 75201
    2. Jose Antonio will send out the survey.
    3. The new board will meet again the following week (haven’t confirmed, but possibly March 21?) at 6:30 p.m. at La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe on 3906 Lemmon Avenue, #110, Dallas, Texas 75219
      1. Silvana will bring ideas for our first training session
        1. She will suggest panelist & we can discuss whether we like, dislike, etc.
      2. We will plan the date for our first mixer
        1. Jimena said she could help make the invitations
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