April 2: Spanish course for professionals and students

For those who requested a course in proper Spanish writing, Dr. Hilda Velásquez, who presented our Spanish-language workshop last year is hosting a writing training Saturday, April 2 in Dallas.

The 5-hour workshop will cover syntax of a sentence, its parts and order, correct use of prepositions and other connectors, accentuation rules and proper use of verbs. The course costs $250.

Dr.Velásquez is an adjunct faculty from Baptist University of Américas in San Antonio. She has more than 15 years of multidisciplinary and multicultural training and experience in the United States, México, and Spain and has taught numerous courses in communications, and other fields.

Details of this workshop as well as her full bio is available here.

For more information, call Dr.Velásquez at 336-354-9516 or email hvgvelasquez@gmail.com.

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