Run-off election Oct. 16 for HCDFW Board position: Spanish Language At-Large

Pio Del Castillo
Pio Del Castillo

After counting all the votes on election day (Oct. 9), it was a tie between the two HCDFW candidates for Spanish Language At-Large. Pio Del Castillo and Norma Garcia each received 15 votes.

To break the tie we will have a run-off election on Wednesday, October 16th. All members will be allowed to vote again for Pio or Norma via electronic system. Ballots will be emailed the morning of the 16th to all members in good standing.

Norma Garcia
Norma Garcia

Members will have until 6pm that day to vote.  If you have any questions, please contact our chapter President, Saul Garza.

If you want to know more about Pio and Norma, please visit our candidate page>>Candidates.

Good luck to both of them!

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