Meeting Minutes: May 26, 2018

Meeting Agenda

Hispanic Communicators DFW

Saturday, May 26, 2018 at noon

The Dallas Morning News

1954 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas 75201

Present: Magda Salazar, Jimena Fraga, Silvana Pagliuca, Elvia Limon

Brenda arrived at the meeting at around 12:30 p.m.

  1. When HCDFW sends out letters to possible sponsors,
    1. we need to offer them some incentive for giving us money
      1. We can talk about everything that sponsor has done for the community within the past year.
      2. We can do a step and repeat for photos
        1. That costs between $200 and $400
          1. Once we do get this, we need to make sure that we have a frame and that we can set it up.
      3. HCDFW membership
        1. Silvana does not think this would be a good thing to offer
      4. Offer to give a corporate sponsor to have the name on the on the banquet
        1. We have to count the number of times we say that.
      5. Ceremony tickets
        1. Silvana does not think we should offer this this year
  2. How many people should we let in for free?
    1. Past events have been approx. 35
    2. Sponsors will pay
  3. Scholarships
    1. We don’t have to say how many scholarships we are going to give out until we get all of the money in.
  4. Board votes:
    1. To make the membership honorary for two years
    2. To invite news director
    3. Add a “Silver” sponsorship for $2,500
    4. Will give 2 ceremony tickets to bronze, silver,
    5. Will give 4 ceremony tickets to Gold and Platinum
    6. Social media sponsor will have a Snapchat filter
  1. Magda suggests making a doc with definitions
  2. Other ways to contribute
  1. Buy a table to the scholarship ceremony
    1. Price will be determined at a later time
  1. Write the letter
  1. Jimena rewrote the letter with help of Magda and the other board members.
  1. Do we want to continue to pursue the Bert Lozano scholarship?
  1. Will need to create a link to give money through paypal so people can donate money.
    1. Nephew usually donates $1,000
    2. Company will donate $1,000
    3. Family and friends will donate the rest
  2. Bert’s dad will give a speech at the scholarship event
    1. He keeps up with the scholarship recipients
  1. Steps to go through
    1. Send the letter
    2. Follow up to make sure they got the letter
    3. Follow up to see if they will donate
    4. Follow up to see if they sent the payment/ have any questions
    5. Follow up to see who will be coming to event
  1. Treasurer
    1. May have to pick up the check
    2. Reserve about $1,500 to cover anything
  2. Postcards
    1. Brenda will be responsible to reach out to previous scholarship recipients to include in our letters.
    1. Make labels
  4. Web presence for the banquet
  5. Silvana ordered the labels for the letters
    1. $68.74
    2. Brenda may have some stamps
  1. Projects
  1. Web v. Letters
    1. Must do both at the same time.
  2. Application for Scholarships
    1. Notify Scholarship recipients 2-3 weeks before event
    2. Board reviews the results 1 week before letting recipients know.
      1. Get someone who isn’t involved in recruitment
        1. Maybe Stella Chavez, Dianne Solis, Alfredo Corchado?

iii.  Committee review applications — 3 weeks before board reviews results to review the applications

  1. Someone from the board needs to take names out
  1. Post application — 2 weeks about
  2. Deadline — Sept. 15

Vi. Post application online Aug. 1

Vii. Application reviewed by Jimena, Silvana and Elvia

  1. Add it to the website and on social media
  2. Silvana emailed Dianne Solis, Stella Chavez, Ana Maria Vargas

VII. When you notify the scholarship winners, do not tell them

Next steps: in July make a little video to promote the scholarship application

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