Meeting Minutes: May 14, 2018

Meeting Agenda

Hispanic Communicators DFW

Wednesday, May 14, 2018 at 7 p.m.

Virtual Meeting- Google Meets

Present: Jimena Fraga, Brenda Lepenski, Silvana Pagluica, Jose Antonio Herrera and Elvia Limón

  • Updates
    1. Recap of meet up event
      1. Double check locations to see it’s open
      2. Make sure that we talk to members as a group about upcoming events, news, etc.
        1. Will do this at our training
    2. Training bios
      1. Silvana has the PowerPoint presentation finished
        1. Each speaker will bring their own PowerPoint
          1. Silvana said they were working on it
    3. Food for training
      1. Jimena has bread and fruit.
        1. Jimena will pick up both before the training
        2. Jose Antonio will bring trays for bread
    4. Bank account
      1. Elvia went to bank with Lourdes.
        1. Lourdes is out of the account.
        2. Elvia is now in the account. She is the only one on the account.
    5. P.O. Box
      1. Elvia checked the P.O. Box on Saturday
        1. It was all junk mail
    6. Password changes
      1. Silvana changed some passwords
        1. Tax info stayed the same because it asked personal info from former tax woman who died.
        2. Go Fund me is linked to someone’s phone number, but Silvana not sure who it is.
          1. Brenda said that it may be a Google number that we created.
            1. Silvana found out that it is a Google voice number.
  • Things to do before training


    1. Supplies
      1. Elvia and Silvana went to the storage and they picked up several things for the meet up and training.
        1. Everything is in The Dallas Morning News basement.
          1. Tablecloth
          2. Banner
        2. Jose Antonio will bring extension cords
    2. Volunteers
      1. UTA has one person
        1. Jimena wil try to get 2 or 3 more volunteers
      2. UNT has not responded
    3. Signs
      1. Elvia will print signs to lead people in basement.
    4. People left to invite
      1. All share Facebook event.
    5. Storage
      1. Elvia will go to storage and pick up pens
    6. Set up
      1. Jose Antonio and Silvana will get at The Dallas Morning News at 8 a.m
      2. Have volunteers early to register.
      3. Brenda and Silvana will be outside of the auditorium
    7. Presentation
      1. Jimena will be the official moderator, present speakers and hashtag
        1. Each speaker will present for 20 mins
          1. After they are done they will have Q&A
            1. Will be 10 minutes
    8. Email reminder
      1. Jimena will send email reminder to all members and everyone who signed up at the meet up about training.
        1. One Monday and one Thursday.
          1. Use the same template of meet up
    9. List
      1. Brenda will ask the national organization to email her updated list of members
  • Set up meeting with Magda


    1. When is she available?
      1. Magda has not responded to Brenda’s message.
        1. Has been in hospital.
  • Additional comments/ concerns
    1. Talk about Saturday
      1. La Calle Doce
        1. Jose Antonio will call by Thursday to add on presentation
          1. Wednesday, July 11 or June 26, 27
    2. Focus on scholarship on June
    3. An organization business cards
    4. Bring name tags to training
    5. Elvia will update website to have training session information
  • Set up date for our next meeting
    • Saturday, May 19 after training session.




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