Meeting Minutes August 13, 2016

HCDFW August  Meeting Agenda

August 13, 2016

10 a.m.

Type of Meeting: Board Meeting

Attendees: Karina-president, Samuel-spanish language vp, Brenda, Olmar

Guest: Rebecca, Magda


Call to order 10:06

Roll call

Approval of minutes from last meeting-meeting minutes approved

New business

  • NAHJ Convention Recap
    • HCDFW received Chapter of the year.
    • Scholarship in Jay’s honor was announced more details to come.
    • There will be a spring drive for membership at national level, Karina as volunteered to help.
    • NAHJ will continue to partner with Hispanicize for next two years.
    • NAHJ in search of Region 5 director. Encourage Saul to run.
    • Karina discussed with NAHJ updating the manual de estilo.
  • Committee Report
    • Financial- Change banks. Rebecca will get contact information for bank SPJ uses. The bank provides their organization with detailed information. Lourdes having issues with Coamerica online access.
    • Current balance $15,099.42
    • Payment due to post office for P.O. Box for 130, Lourdes will pay online.
    • Membership- currently have 58. From national learned that while people may becoming members are not indicating HCDFW as their chapter. Olmar asked for those who have iPads to bring them to networking mixer to register them. Olmar suggested targeting more PR professionals.
  • Social Media-Welcome Brenda to our board. Currently she is building a committee to assist her. Brenda’s stragety for engagement online is surveys, AP tests.

Question in regards to who runs/updates website. Karina will continue to manage website. HCDFW social media platforms are twitter/youtube/FB/Instagram.

  • Bylaw Changes

Samuel will be working on verbiage to combine Bylaws of NAHJ and HCDFW. Samuel would like our bylaws to be a complete set of rules as there processes missing.

Rebecca suggested Samuel to look at other organization bylaws like SPJ, RTNDA and ONA. For September meeting Samuel will submit bylaw changes to board and then will be up for a vote for members. Samuel motion, Lourdes second and Karina approved. All present agreed to move forward.

It was also decided the bylaws would include specific information on communication methods for official business and how to request a meeting.

Concerns were raised by non-board members on lack of responsiveness via facebook. Suggestion from Magda is having non-board members have a direct board member to contact.

  • Workshop

1.  Panelists-

a.     Olmar will take lead as the point of contact for the corporate panelists

i.     Rebecca will talk to Mary Kay – Rebecca Aguilar

ii.     Magda will talk to Ford to have Minerva Rodriguez moderatesho

iii.     Olmar will talk to Dieste and American Heart Association- Dora Valdez and Mara Rodriguez

b.     Brenda will take lead as the point of contact for the media panelists, need confirmation by next friday

i.     Karina reach out to Al Dia – Lorena Flores. Flores confirmed the same day. Bio and photo will be sent to Karina

ii.     Brenda reach out to Gaby Natale and Michael

iii.     Rebecca reaching out to WFAA- Sebastian

2.     Social media event breakdown

a.     9-10 am- Registration

b.     10 am  – 10:15 am – Karina remarks

c.     10:15 am – 11:30 am- Media Panel

d.     11:30 am – 11:45 am – Break

e.     11:45 am – 1 pm – Corporate Panel

f.      1 pm – 1:15 pm – Close remarks

3.     Workshop Hashtag #SocialMediaNow. This will also be the name of the workshop

Everyone needs to get back to Brenda no later than Friday with confirmed panelists and moderators

  • Gala

Discussion on whether we want to embrace having an entertainment speaker instead of our traditional journalist. Magda asked the board whether it was okay to reach out to folks in entertainment for the 2017 gala.

Magda wants to have a keynote confirmed no later than November 2015

Keynotes proposed:

-Maria Elena Salinas (Rebecca to ask)

-J.W. Cortes from Gotham TV show

– Justin Baldoni, from Jane the Virgin, he plays Rafael – Magda said Baldoni is great proponent of social causes and would be a chance for our banquet.

– Cecilia Vega, ABC News

– Cristela Alonzo, comedian

Karina inquired about deposit to the emTheVenue. $5,000 would be needed asap

Magda said gala could cost around $30,000 (we have not received official estimates)

For 2017 Magda would be incharge of sponsorships for the gala and the rep from Lowes Construction has volunteered to handle our logistics

What are we doing for promotional materials, first month of experience video from recipients? We need that now.

Rebecca suggested we bring back the Hall of Fame. HCDFW has one (please see website under membership)

Karina said Eva wants to start the scholarship applications early and give a Dec. 1 deadline.

Adjournment: 1:11 p.m.

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