June 2017 – A Message from the President

Dear members:

After much consideration, I have decided to resign from the board. I officially submitted my resignation on June 11. Last night, the board elected Samuel Belilty who will serve as your interim president for the remainder of the term.

I am resigning due to personal reasons, which will prevent me from completing my year. I will be leaving Dallas and moving to Florida in a few days.

It has been my pleasure and honor to have served as your president for the past year and a half and conduct activities for the betterment of our students and members.

I will continue to support this incredible organization and its commitment to encourage the participation of more Latinos in communications professions, promote the fair portrayal of Latinos in the media and build a broader understanding of the unique interests and concerns of Latinos communicators across North Texas.

I have full confidence that Samuel and the board will continue the work we have done with the support of countless volunteers, sponsors and community allies. There is much to do and students to award scholarships to in November.

I will attend the June 17 membership meeting and I hope to see you there to say goodbye.

In solidarity always,

Karina Ramirez

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