September 2017 – A message from the president

Hi, I am Miguelangel Pinero and I have the responsibility to communicate to our members and our affiliates a situation we recently encountered in our organization Hispanic Communicators DFW.

Unfortunately, our colleague and friend Samuel Belilty had to step down from the presidency due to personal reasons. I was already one of the vice presidents and after an internal discussion with the board, I was named interim president. It is a position that I accept with a lot of responsibility and humility. It is was also why I am sending this message to ask you to continue to count on us.

Every single one of our members are giving their best of themselves to complete the goals we set for ourselves. We have spent the majority of our year putting together activities with success and we are concentrating on our principal activity, providing future scholarships to future young communicators.

Our scholarship event will take place in November and we are concentrating on this event right now. I ask you to continue to trust in us, we are not going to let you down.

Information about our scholarship event is available at

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