November 17, 2012 Minutes

Hispanic Communicators DFW Meeting
November 17, 2012
Cafe Brazil – Bishop Arts

Meeting was called to order at 11:15 a.m. by President, Saul Garza.

Laura read the October minutes. Minutes were approved. Gary and Karina seconded.

Treasurer’s report
Gary gave report on finances. $1,000 check was sent out to NAHJ for Voces Fundraiser. CD-
$9,000, NAHJ- $370.00 and Paypal- $704.00.

Committee updates:
Membership: Karina said we have 100 members now and out of our 100 members, 35 are
NAHJ members. She said North Texas chapter has three more students and they are now an
NAHJ student chapter. She said she needs to contact 32 individuals to renew their membership.

Scholarships: Saul said that Eva-Marie Ayala is new chair of committee, and that Anna
Macias stepped down. Michael Vega needs to send Eva the scholarship application. Eva and
committee will determine the scholarship dates and selection of college students.

Social Media/website: Teevee talked about updates to the website. He’s changed sliders
and added donate button. Replaced donate button with raffle button which sends people
automatically to our raffle page. Our raffle page also allows individuals to RSVP to our mixer.
Slider was created about NAHJ Regional Conference. Additionally, the calendar on the website
is being updated. Teevee wants to redesign our webpage and make it more user-friendly.

Fundraising: Gary said he and Magda would be working on fundraising letters as well as silent
auction letters. He couldn’t give list of names at this time but said letters would go out in the
next month. Sending out Save the Date cards was mentioned.

Banquet: Magda said we were going with 3015 Trinity Groves as site for April 20th banquet.
She said this would be different than past banquets. It would be more trendy, with food stations
and more conducive to networking. She mentioned an ipad giveaway for the 6 to 6:45 p.m.
hour. Magda said we’re working with Rikki Rincon and Carmen Garcia, and we’re going into
this open-minded, and being flexible. We talked about creating a sponsor page.

Saul said mixer is set for November 29th, at NYLO on Lamar near downtown. NYLO is charging
us $500. He said we’re paying $300 and the rest would be made up in members’ drinks. Saul
said the raffle began Thursday, and so far, we have three people who signed up for the raffle.
He urged members to push raffle on Facebook as well as encouraging people to go. We
discussed whether people on the committee and board could buy tickets. We decided that
members could buy tickets but in somebody else’s name. For example, Laura Martinez could
buy a ticket in her daughter’s name. Gary suggested putting names on index cards. He would
take names off paypal account and enter their names on index cards. On night of event, he
would have index cards for people to buy tickets.

NAHJ upate
Rebecca Aguilar mentioned upcoming regional conference in San Antonio Dec. 7-8. She said
John Quinones and Castro would be attending as well as NAHJ president Hugo Balta. Gary
suggested having banner on our website.

Other items
Saul talked about event with Time Warner in December or maybe in January. The event would
include NABJ. Saul also said he’s talking to people at Ben E. Keith and he hopes they will be
a sponsor at our banquet. Reps at Ben E. Keith also offered to donate their company space for
future events for us. Saul is being added to the bank account of HCDFW.

Next meeting: Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 12, 2013 at Channel 5 Studios in Ft.
Worth, Texas.

Meeting adjourned at 12:33 p.m.

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