New NAHJ president challenges us to ask 'Why Not Me?'

The recent NAHJ conference in San Antonio was part professional development and part family reunion. Discussions ranged from Latino representation in newsrooms to how to do better watchdog journalism.

HCDFW president Saul Garza is recognized for his great work with the chapter in Dallas.
HCDFW president Saul Garza is recognized for his great work with the chapter in Dallas.

The Dallas area had a great representation with members from local newspapers, television and radio in attendance. Our HCDFW president Saul Garza was recognized with a leadership award for his hard work with the chapter. Rebecca Aguilar was re-elected to the national board as vice president of online while Kenny Molestina was voted as an at-large officer. Congratulations to you all and thank you for your dedication, both nationally and locally.

That brings me to our new NAHJ president Mekahlo Medina, an anchor for NBC’s west coast station in Los Angeles. Wow. What a passionate guy. Right off the bat, he has challenged each of us — to do more to take an active role in local chapters, to mentor others and push ourselves.

He challenged us to ask, “Why not me?”

“Why not you as the next executive editor of the LA Times?” he said. “Why not you as the next NBC Nightly News anchor? Why not you as the next president of NPR, News Corp or any news organization?”

Watch Mekahlo’s full speech above. I hope that it inspires you as much as it inspired me. And if you’re ready to do more, HCDFW needs your help.

We have wonderful things brewing for this upcoming year, including major news about our scholarship. And we are always looking for those willing to lend a hand by writing a blog post, mentoring a student, organizing a mixer, helping with training and more. Please come to one of our meetings. SAVE THE DATE for our fall mixer Sept. 13. Details will be released soon. And you can always reach us through this site.


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