June 4, 2016 Minutes

Hispanic Communicators DFW
Meeting Minutes
June 4, 2016

Meeting called to order: 12:19 p.m.

Attendees: Rebecca, Brenda, Olmar, Eden, Karina, Raul, Lourdes, Magda, Michael

I. Approval of minutes from last meeting: Treasurers report*, discuss placing a cap on reimbursement for food for workshops. Conclusion is we are out 2k from the gala. We need to begin planning ahead and start looking for sponsorship next year. An idea to save money is to buy in bulk for workshops and put into storage space. Treasurers report is available in dropbox

II. Open issues

a) Committee Report:

Membership/Social Media/Website/Scholarship
5 new members->NAHJ list monthly, Olmar working with Jessica on increasing membership, 62 members of organization. Olmar and Jessica asking to renew via email. Add a personal touch. Email subscribe

Social Media- Google Lab content, web content (Karina will send). Michael-polls, engagement, profile members (q&a, 3 questions)-1 month deadline, 3 questions with board members 2 weeks.

Scholarship-opening up the application earlier, suggest task list, November first week scholarship workshop (Lulu & Rebecca) – HWNT FT Worth,

b) Fundraisers idea to get funds from sales at restaurants (Raising Canes, ChickFila, Buffalo Wild Wings, Etc lets start coordinating some fundraising efforts in the community.) Marketing prior, talking to businesses. Group discussed an alternative, possible cooking class-trinity groves ($30) Olmar taking the lead on schmoozing. Norma Valles. Hispanic Heritage Month cooking class Oct. 15  Rebecca will find out when it is a good time.

c) Mixer Loteria Deep Ellum- June 30th Hispanic Communicators Mixer, renew membership, think of organizations that we can partner with. HWNT wants to partner with us. Local organizations

d) Social Media workshop update Sept 10th., Flight and Hotel Alix Aspe (United ticket from NAHJ), Ask Alberto for United. Confirmed. Rebecca will look into if SPJ can co-host and help spilt the cost.

e) Gala 2017 April 22, we would need to deposit money down to confirm date. 5k

f) Other: Media fair, teach people how to find us and talk to us, TCU, in December holiday reception. Media Fair in afternoon and reception following. –Michael
Technical guides-takeaways Jay and Seila to take a tour at Mary Kay production

III. Adjournment Time: Unknown

Next meeting will take place second week of July.

Reminder items for the agenda must be submitted via Google Form

Minutes submitted by: Lourdes Vazquez


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