Hispanic Communicators DFW in the Community with Girls Inc.


It has been an eventful summer for us so far!  We had two special events in June.  Hispanic Communicators DFW had its fifth annual Media Mixer at the House of Blues and we also did our very first community service/outreach program.

Last year during our annual Media Mixer I learned about our sponsor’s, Time Warner Cable’s Connect A Million Minds initiative (also known as CAMM).  It teaches young girls about the science behind every day things and thought.  It’s a great program.

Who doesn’t know a girl who could benefit from a program like CAMM?  It helps open a girl’s mind and unlock her potential so she doesn’t  become a depressing statistic.

This year, we had an opportunity to work with TWC and their partner, Girls Inc. on a summer camp called “The Science Behind The News.”  It was held at Channel 8, WFAA-TV.

Our member and veteran anchor, Gloria Campos was actively involved entire workshop.  She really made the day a memorable experience for the girls. The girls also got to have lunch with Gloria.

That had to beone of my favorite moments of the day.  I watched as Gloria was sat in the center of all the girls, passing around cookies as the girls traded flavors. Gloria also went through every single curriculum station with the girls including a game that resembled Twister! 

Gloria with the girls.
The girls got autographs on their T-shirts.  They were also given a tour of the station and even got to sit behind Gloria’s anchor desk chair for a taping!  There is no doubt that Gloria Campos inspired all these girls.

Who knows, maybe the camp will inspire one of them to become a professional communicator!

Byrdie Franco is currently the Public Relations Manager for the Hispanic Communicators DFW.

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