Going to the NAHJ convention? Students, here are some tips


Attending the NAHJ convention is an amazing opportunity to network, show your clips and possibly land an internship or job.

I was lucky to attend my first while in college. It was in Houston. I thought I was prepared. I took clean clips that were well presented. I practiced responses I might say when talking to recruiters. I planned my wardrobe.

But weird things happen in journalism. I didn’t take enough copies and had to walk about 10 blocks in the Texas heat to find a store to make more packets. I sounded too rehearsed when talking to some potential employers. I didn’t take enough clothes to account for an impromptu trip to Huntsville to cover a protest.

You can’t plan for everything. Expect that. But you don’t have to be overwhelmed and completely caught off guard.

Today I’ve seen a few people share this post by Bob Butler, president of the National Association of Black Journalists and an NAHJ member. It has some wonderful advice for students on everything from wardrobe (this is not a dance club) to behavior (don’t be THAT person at the conference) to networking (talk to everyone! Your classmates can’t give you a job).

Give it a read. Take notes. And don’t forget to have fun at the convention and ask questions. Lots of questions. Can’t wait to see you all San Antonio.

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