Election Day! Vote here!

DFW Hispanic Communicators Board Candidates for 2020-2022.

Meet the candidates:


  • Stephanie Lucero – NBC Investigative Producer
    “I was a founding member of the DFW Network of Hispanic Communicators and I would be honored to serve as President. I have more than 30 years of experience as a television journalist, most of those years as a reporter for CBS 11 and KDFW. I hope to bring
    to the organization a refreshed perspective because I fully understand the mission, purpose and strategic needs of the organization. My goals include continuing the tradition of career-oriented workshops, maintaining the scholarship program and
    bringing in new members, as well as fostering continued support of our current members.”


  • Eloina Juárez – Telemundo and NBC Consumer Investigative Producer
    “I have been a long-standing member of the DFW news market for about 17 years since my career began in 2002. During this time frame I have witnessed the evolution of our news industry as it merged with a fast paced social platform for an even higher demand for quicker dissemination of information. Still, as changes happen in today’s
    media culture, the mission stands the same. The delivery of credible, verified, timely, and accurate information to the public as the communicators we are. As new journalist come into this field, it is important for us all to understand and cross-reference the past to carry out our present responsibilities as the norms change in today’s newsrooms. Having me along with other communicators both new and veterans in this field as part of this board will not only help us grow and develop as we learn from each other but also empower each other by merging and sharing all of our experiences, both wins and fails to truly encourage, educate and hopefully impact each individual member of this organization. I also seek to engage more colleagues and continue to empower this awesome organization. Thank you for your consideration.”
  • Vania Salinas – Estrella TV Producer
    “I am the daughter of Mexican immigrants, I know and understand the demands of the Hispanic community. Throughout my academic life and labor work, I have had the opportunity to interchange ideas, experiences and knowledge with workers in the news industry.
    In addition, I consider that my Hispanic heritage and my understanding of the cultural diversity of our countries help me build bridges for the best exchange of ideas. Therefore, build better opportunities in a great country such as the United States, which gives us the freedom to enrich through multicultural experiences.”


  • Jackie Guevara – Univision 23 Producer
    “Jackie Guevara is an Emmy Award-winning producer and accomplished journalist who has more than 20 years of extensive experience working in various media platforms in the United States. Currently, Jackie is working as a News Producer for Univision 23 Dallas. Guevara’s motto is, ‘Success is attained through perseverance and faith in oneself’.”


  • Narda Pérez – The Dallas Morning News Audience Team Producer
    “I am Narda Pérez and you should vote for me for Secretary/Treasurer of DFWHC
    because I want to help students in journalism and give back to an organization that
    helped me when I was in college.”


  • Javier Giribet – DISD Communications Coordinator
    “My name is Javier. I currently work as a Communications Coordinator for Dallas ISD, where I produce web and social content on a daily basis. DFW Hispanic Communicators helped me start my career in media while I studied journalism. I understand the value of this organization and that’s why I want to pay it forward.”
  • Lariza Moreno – NBC Producer
    “I am a Television and Digital media professional bringing countless long-standing relationships in the entertainment, news, marketing, and PR communities. Bringing strong work ethic and leadership skills to creative environments.”


  • Vanessa Abuchaibe – Estrella TV Weather Anchor
    “I have a strong connection and passion for the work being done by your nonprofit, and this is a great opportunity to give back to the community. I hope you consider my nomination.”

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